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…and all through the house
Were trails of glitter and
Wrapping paper scraps!

Yes, it’s that time of the year when writing really goes into hibernation for a few days.

I can’t tell you what I’ve been working on this week – I know I was thinking about the ballet and wrote some notes but other than that I can’t actually figure out where the last few days have gone. It’s been incredibly busy.

But an idea keeps popping into my head, and it’s the kind of idea that needs a lot of attention. I’m not sure what to do with it yet – all I can say is that it was inspired by something I saw in London. It was something that made me reflect on how blessed I am in my life, and how incredibly lucky I am to live as I do; something that has already influenced a change in my own behaviour.

But it is also something I am not sure I could do justice, writing-wise, right now.

So I’ll hold it in my mind like a grain of sand that hopefully one day will form a pearl; if that day comes, I’ll share it with you as if it too is a Christmas gift.

In other news – We’ve got to number 13 in the 100 best novels – Wuthering Heights.  Yes, it is one I’ve read; as I mentioned last week I was influenced by Jane Eyre.  I can’t help thinking of Kate Bush whenever I hear the title now though – it’s a bit odd to think the song is older than me!  And just in case you’ve never heard it, enjoy this video and revel in the 1970’s 🙂

Also – I read this article about the discovery of early PG Wodehouse work; I am always fascinated by discoveries like this and wonder what else is out there waiting to be found once more.

And finally – As my next post will be after Christmas, I just want to wish you all a happy and peaceful few days, whether you are celebrating Christmas or not!

Happy writing,



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