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This is a short one, because here in the UK we enjoy an extra day of festivities after Christmas Day – Boxing Day, when ‘masters’ traditionally gave their servants a box of presents, or some such.  I did in fact get another present today, which was totally unexpected and rather lovely.

This week’s inspiration post is loosely related – I recently read a newspaper article about the terminology of the season.  From the article, I learnt that is some parts of the US people don’t say Merry Christmas but instead say Happy Holidays.  That’s not common here in the UK but there it is an inclusive term, covering a number of festivities both religious and secular.

It got me thinking about the differences in cultures, even those that are reasonably closely related.

I’ve always been interested in people – I did a degree in Sociology and loved the anthropology element, and the nature of human experience is most definitely a subject of interest.

So this week, I’m asking you a favour – tell me one tradition you have in the winter months.  It can be a family tradition, a religious one or a national one – anything you like that’s legal and appropriate to share on a blog open to all ages!

It will give me a little inspiration to explore new ideas and you never know, I might be able to make a poem or short piece of writing personal to you…

Happy holidays, season’s greetings and have a good few writing days!



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