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This week I didn’t really know what to write about – writing is just as it was last week, I wrote about writing group on Thursday, and the rest of my time has been absorbed as usual by family, work and wedding.

I asked my partner to pick a word, so I could write about that.  He did, but I’d written about it already so clearly we have the same mindset!

The word he chose was procrastination, and I think he knows me well enough to know I was trying to put off writing the blog until I could be more engaging.  But the day is nearly over and I’ve had no flashes of inspiration for you all.

So today I’m giving myself a blogging break to recharge the batteries and think about what the next week will bring me. This is one of my ad hoc musical moments instead, because more than anything when I feel like this, I want to share a little cheeriness and enjoy a communal time out.

You know the drill – crank up the volume, get on your feet and feel a bit 1980s!

Happy writing/dancing/singing along,




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