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It’s been a funny old year, so far. My job has got busier, my health has been problematic, my writing has been erratic, my personal life has been massively busy, with occasional blank spots.

Nothing has really been on an even keel.

I was talking to someone recently about when I will get back to normal following my illness in the summer, and I realised that I may never get back to that normal because it no longer exists.

Not that life is abnormal, you understand, but that life is changeable.  This is something I have commented on before but every so often something pops up to forcibly remind me!

I have so many different factors making up my experiences now that it is almost impossible to know how things will look from one month to the next.

This is, for the most part, a very good thing.  The occasional banana skin has probably been easier to manage because in life terms, it affects a smaller percentage of my world. I guess my ill health in the summer was a plantain skin because it was a bigger impact, but you get the idea!

So I am not getting back to normality exactly, but as work calms down and I pick up dropped hobbies and activities, as I get more routine around my writing, I will create a new normal from which I can launch the next.

And you will finally have some posts about writing. That’ll be a nice change…

Happy Writing,



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