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At any given time, if someone were able to see my thoughts in my head, they would see a lot of jumbled up, interconnected, falling over each other thoughts. I feel like I have a lot in my head and that’s why it is so joyful when I can siphon it off onto paper.

I suspect we are all like this to one degree or another, and could all do with a mental mute button every so often.

As a writer, I like to record some of these ad hoc rambling thoughts: not only because they might spark an idea in the future but because they link seemingly arbitrary concepts in a way that only happens subconsciously.

It is funny how our neurons fire up; sometimes I almost think I can feel it, like a million tiny sparks of light linking one moment to another.

I have talked before about the value of the notebook in these times and it’s definitely a useful writing tool.

Of course, some thoughts bubble up that are much more challenging for one reason or another. These situations feed my poetry but it takes a while sometimes to look back at it, and it generally produces work that I feel unwilling to share in open mike events or at readings.

For me, the most difficult to share are about loss. But even with these thoughts my neurons can prod me into an unexpected direction; I guess because the sadness is a direct result of happier times before.

The point really is to say that thoughts can get in the way of what we think we need to do.  But perhaps, if we can treat them differently, they can be a conduit to getting to an altogether unexpected destination.

And maybe that’s where our brains wanted us to go in the first place!

Happy Writing,

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Our last topic of 2013 was the big party for peace, but I wanted to start my B4Peace posts this year without looking at any set subjects and just focus on what this year is going to be about for me.

In a way, it’s a reminder to me that peace is a long-term plan, not a quick win.

So I’ve made a few decisions about what to do for peace in the next 12 months.  Some are new, some are already ongoing – and some are personal challenges which make me feel more peaceful so I’ve tried to explain why they are important to me!

They are not in any particular order, and there are no value judgements about their relative merits: each has its place in my life.

1. Meditate regularly – I have read so many posts about the value of meditation, and I have found it very calming, so I want to do it more, to make calmness and peace part of (at least) weekly life!

2. Start posting about BBQLUV – getting one of these was one of the highlights of B4Peace for me and I think it’s a great way to share things that have a positive impact on me.

3. Continue involvement in local endeavours – these are a mix of charitable/social/information-based roles that I have that give me a chance to positively influence the community, making people more aware of what is happening around us.  For example, I sit on the committee meetings for a local charity, and I can suggest ways to make events inclusive to all; I set up a writing group which encourages people to take part and support one another.  These are small in the world, but big in terms of the individuals involved.

4. Exercise more and eat thoughtfully – although not directly related to peace I believe that lack of exercise and poor diet make people grumpier, more unhappy and less able to think positively – all of which can negatively impact on mindset.

5. Write more about peace – poetry, prose or articles.

6. Read more about peace.

7.  Be more thoughtful about using my own resources – whether that is buying products that help charities, or donating unwanted items; composting more; growing my own food etc.

That’s the plan, anyway; things may come and go from the list but it’s all about being aware of – and mindful of – our impact on the world, and not being wasteful.

Have a peaceful day,



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