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No book week again I’m afraid; at the moment I can do writing or reading, but not both!

I have given up on the one I was trying to read a few weeks ago though, which was The Rock Cried Out, by Ellen Douglas.

It seemed to cover a really interesting set of subjects – relationships between black and white families in Mississippi in the 1960s, racism and the Civil Rights movement. However I couldn’t get past the lead character who just didn’t absorb my attention, plus there were a lot of incidental characters so I couldn’t keep track of who was who. Oh, and the lead character kept talking about his girlfriend’s mons, which was vaguely distasteful for some reason. Probably because it sounds so biological rather than sexual. It threw me out of the narrative every time he mentioned it, whatever the reason!

It’s a shame but if I am not engaging with the story I need to move on.

I am going to find something new, and try to fit a bit more reading into my weeks as work should start to calm down soon.

Let’s hope I can at least reach 45 books this year!

Happy reading,

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