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….tell me more, tell me more (and here ends my tribute to Grease!).

Summer nights

I love going out on summer nights, when the days are as long as they get, night creeps over slowly and you have enough warmth left at the end of the day to spend the evening outside.

I was particularly glad of the good weather this week when I went to a late night open air screening of Mamma Mia with friends – it’s not quite Greece but it did feel pretty lovely.

We take a lot of things for granted, and we don’t appreciate things as much as we should sometimes, so this week I’m just revelling in spending quality time with people I love, and enjoying the moment. Time passes so fast and we’ll never have it back if we waste it, so it’s really good to make the most of each moment.

Enjoy those summer nights when they come, and make each one a night to treasure.

Happy writing,

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It’s a gorgeous day here and I can’t really motivate myself to do much – I’ve written a little and will do some more later but for now I just want to relax and enjoy the last of the daylight.

With that in mind, I thought I’d stick on a lovely summery tune…

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

This is one that always makes me want to dance, even if it’s just in my chair!

It’s not just me enjoying the sunshine either: it was the Summer Solstice yesterday, when thousands gather to celebrate at spiritual sites.  Here’s a few pictures of daybreak at Stonehenge!

I’ll pick up on the other news next week – I hope the weather is lovely and the day is happy where you are.

Happy writing (or procrastinating!)




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