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When I was working on Codename Wedding Belles today, I was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t quite get the tone that I wanted for part of it. As you know, when things aren’t going well I try to do something practical to push myself forward – research, or pretending I’m somewhere sunny, for example!

So today, when I couldn’t get the poem to feel as joyful as I wanted, I watched a segment of one of my favourite ever films: Strictly Ballroom.  I wanted to watch the end – *spoiler alert* the last dance scene, when Scott and Fran dance to the clapping of hands and share a kiss *spoiler ends* – because it’s one of the most gloriously uplifting scenes I can imagine.

After watching it, I went back to writing in a much better mindset, and I think that’s reflected in the changes I’ve made – certainly I feel more confident in it now.  I hope to finish my amended draft tonight and that’ll be a tick on my sheet!

Other than that, I’ve done some more work on The Story of One which is stuttering onwards.  I have no flow, but I have scenes that follow the plan and the chronology, so when it comes to a re-write I can build the missing sections.

Also today – and nothing to do with my October projects – I have been working out the logistics of a Halloween party.  This has been a great contrast to the isolation of writing this week: sometimes writers love silence, but I need to talk to people!  I am determined to build up my sociability quota over the weekend, and hope it’ll last me a few days into next week (to Wednesday would be good as I have a proper night out then: exercise classes just don’t cut it!) – we shall see…

And just in case you thought I’d forgotten, I have the learn Chinese book beside me to read after completing the draft poem.  I’ve learnt one sentence now, so I’m going for a second…

Happy writing,



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