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As I’ve nothing particularly interesting to report – still researching, still planning, still writing character profiles for the next story – I thought I’d tell you about an idea instead…

I decided to look into software for writing – the kind of software that helps plan and focus work. It seemed to me that with all the options available, there might be something that could not only help with the current work, but also help me with earlier stories and with longer, more intricate, poetry pieces.

There’s a useful article covering the 10 best free writing software , plus links via NaNoWriMo that I can use as well as software available to buy.  I am looking into all the different types and hope to find what I need.

I was really impressed that so many options are free: so many incredibly generous and clever people work on open source products, and they deserve the thanks of all writers who benefit from that work.  So thank you, open source developers 😀

Have any of you tried out this type of software?  Let me know if it’s been helpful – in the meantime I’ll carry on looking at the options and see what will help me get the most out of my work – I might even road test a few!

In other news – We’ve reached book 24 on the 100 novels list: Kidnapped, by Robert Louis Stevenson. I Haven’t read it – in fact I’ve only read one of his books – but I think I’ll leave this one for now as I’m longing to get back to more modern stories for a while!

Also – Yesterday was International  Women’s Day and was mostly spent celebrating my niece’s birthday. I wonder if there will still be a need to highlight the successes of women in the same way when she is my age.  I’d love to live in a world where all people are treated as equals, and valued for what they bring to the community and not identified for their differences; maybe the next generation will leap towards that type of humanity.

And finally – I have read a lot of features and comment about a forthcoming political event on this island; it’s a situation where many people feel strongly one way or another. So strongly, in fact, that there is almost no chance they will change their viewpoint.  That (bizarrely) got me thinking about the Woods novel and how entrenched my ideas on it have become. I think this is a bit of a wake-up call really: I can’t make a story with a fluid and realistic storyline if I am as rigid as a ruler when I write it…

It’s a good point and one that I really should have taken on board before now – but better late than never, I suppose!

I’m off to bed now but I’ll be back for Challenge Tuesday.

Happy writing,



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