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Today, I allowed myself a bit of time off work for a (very long) skype session with one of my best friends, who currently lives a few thousand miles away.  I was a bit worried about the time out, as this month is packed both socially and work-wise, but it’s always lovely to catch up.

So instead of just focussing on the novel planning today – I only did about an hour on that – I had the bright idea of using the skype conversation as the inspiration for a new short story.  I thought about the sadness of being separated from people for a while, but then moved on to a more uplifting (hopefully!) juxtaposition that inevitably occurs when people are a long way away.  Basically the story tells a tale of different experiences, and how they are shared between people.

This was not strictly on my project plan – I am supposed to edit and send four, not write new ones – but I have thought about doing a piece based on long-distance relationships before so it sort of fits into my month of neglected projects.  If I get it finished in the next 29 days I could of course send it off!  I just have to be careful not to add any more things to my list…

Tomorrow I must get back on track with the planning as I am away this weekend and although I will be writing, I will be working on other pieces so I want to leave it very close to complete.

Wish me luck!

Happy writing,



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