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I have been away from the blog for a week more than intended, for a variety of reasons. Some were positive and joyful and for now I will think only about them.

We are always hearing that we should live life to its fullest – but the possibility for each of us to do so is massively different depending on circumstances. For me, on those days when perhaps I haven’t grabbed every opportunity (and instead sat watching tv and eating biscuits), it’s good to reflect on the more enriching experiences of the week.

So last week I went to a music night for my friend’s birthday, had a family party and separate meal with friends for my own, went shopping, spent time with my husband, and had writing group.  All positives!

I do have quite a bit to share with you and I will start with three books, tomorrow.  I will plan from there!

So hi, and bye, for now.  See you tomorrow,

Happy writing,



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