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I recently read that in around 3,400 years of human history, there have only been about 250 years without war.  In my stories I don’t really focus on the political, with or without a capital ‘p’, but information like that makes me think I should.

It’s not my normal style to write particularly serious blogs, but I really wanted to share this fact; so when I was writing this month’s peace post, I decided to incorporate it.  But, I also wanted to talk about love and understanding – so I chose to write two posts.  This is part one.

The challenge for August was about peaceful music.  Well, this isn’t a peaceful song, but it’s crying out for a peaceful world.  This song was recorded in the 1960’s, and is very much about the world as it was then – but if a few words are changed, you can imagine it being written today.

Eve of Destruction – Barry McGuire

There are more modern, more well-known and probably more popular protest songs, but this is the first one I remember hearing, when I was playing my mum’s records as a child.  I have been listening to it, on and off, for about 20 years.

I often talk about a personal peace, a level of tranquility in my own life.  But there are millions of people who don’t have peace – not because they don’t want it, but because they are denied it.

This song reminds me how important peace is.

I hope you have a peaceful day,



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