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It’s been another of those weeks where you could count the hours I’ve spent on writing on one hand. I’m not even reaching my minimum personal writing target each week.

I already know this month is a bit haywire, as I am off to Menorca soon, but I need to do something to change things before I go – I cannot wait for the end of my holiday to reboot my writing life. So, I have a cunning plan…

For the month of May, with the exclusion of my holiday period, I am going to post every day. They will be short posts, but they will include a few lines I have written that day, or an image I am using as a prompt, or something of that nature.

Getting back into the daily habit is important so this will be good for me, plus it takes a little pressure off thinking about what I will be writing about. Hopefully, it will also be useful for you guys!

Bunny in hiding So here is today’s prompt; I call it ‘bunny in hiding’ for obvious reasons! I got a few other pictures of life in the country – bluebells in woods, sheep and lambs, a chaffinch – but I have gone for this because it was a young rabbit and it trusted me to get quite close to take its photo. Perhaps I’ll use the others for when I am on holiday so I can post even when I am away!






That’s it for today – tomorrow I will share a few lines which may or may not be related to the prompt, but will be new work.

Let’s see if I can get my daily mojo back!

Happy writing,



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