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For as long as I have been writing this blog, I have been reading the newspapers with a view to finding unlikely stories or inspiration.  I have mentioned things I’ve followed up in poetry or prose on here before, more than once.

I always found the slightly off-kilter articles the most riveting because they shine a light on the unexpected outcomes of the human experience. However, we are living in a ‘post truth’ world, where things are not as they seem, where news is not necessarily reality, and in which some of the most odd and off kilter articles relate directly to the behaviour of the U.S. President.

The off kilter isn’t quite so inspiring any more.

I don’t want to be overly political on here, but as a writer I value the skill it takes to properly investigate a story.  News by Twitter feed is all very well but the real journalism is done by dedicated professionals who take risks to get the truth told.

It feels like this work, and by default the capacity of the media to hold those in power to account, is at risk.

So perhaps this week, rather than scanning for little snippets of inspiration online, we can all buy a newspaper.  Read it, and see what we’ll be missing.

Knowing what is happening in the world is important for all of us, but as writers it is arguably part of our job. To lose the opportunity to explore stories, form opinions, share views isn’t something I ever want to see.

So in this ‘post truth’ world, let’s hope we haven’t gone too far down the rabbit hole, and start to value what we have.

I don’t know where we fiction writers will end up if facts are malleable, after all.

Happy writing, and thoughtful reading,





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