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I am still on my jaunt to discover another beautiful place; I love to be able to explore a little of the environment when I am away, even if I’m not the type of person who braves rock-climbing and skiing!

Today’s inspiration is on that theme; it’s not a new photo but it is a place I hold in my heart:

The Tides they are a changingThis is the beach we were on last May – the grey-looking lines are the black volcanic sand, the white the golden sand that sits on top of it. When we put our feet in the waves and the sea rolled back, these lines were created from the lighter golden sand washing away.

It looks like art to me – but then nature is like that!

I hope you can see the beauty in it too.

Happy writing,




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My feet are by now on Spanish island soil, and I’ll be getting into the sunshine spirit – but I still need to fulfil my promise to you!  So here is today’s inspiration:

Mask for tea This picture is called, jokingly, mask for tea, because it’s all set up ready for me to eat it…  It is a very small reminder of a great Christmas night out with one of my best friends – and I still have the mask!

What I love about this is that the mask is so dramatic but a dinner table is fairly mundane, so the two together look rather incongruous, especially without the back story.  It gives an awful lot to ponder from a writing point of view.

So there we have it – May inspiration straight from December last year!

Happy writing,



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I am on holiday – woohoo!

So for the next week I’ll be unable to blog and you’ll have to put up with a bunch of pre-prepared posts (say that 20 times fast!) but these are things in my world I find inspiring.

Today’s offering is this – a book mark.  A few years ago, I got a set of these with a calendar; there was one for use each month.  Now I just use whichever one I can find – this was November’s!

Culture MarkThe reason I find this inspirational is because it is a brief snapshot of another culture, one I will never experience and can never fully understand – but I can read about it, look at images like this, and imagine it.

It makes it possible, in other words, to escape my reality and make a new one, and what fiction writer doesn’t do that?!

The bookmark has to have a friend, of course – and that brings me on to this week’s challenge Tuesday…

Book 20 – North of Nowhere, by Liz Kessler.  First, I will tell you I bought this because I liked the name, and only when I started reading it did I find out it was YA!  This is the story of Mia, a 13 year old girl, whose world is thrown into chaos when her grandad disappears.  Taken to quiet, boring Porthaven for the week to support her gran, Mia finds herself in the middle of an impossible reality…

So, as I said, this was a YA, and therefore not directed at me.  However, I rather enjoyed it.  There are three strands of the story – Mia and her missing grandad, her friend Peter, and the mysterious Dee.  These are neatly interwoven and although I could pick up the outcome relatively early on, I’m not sure if a younger reader could. Mainly because they might not have seen Terminator…

The style of writing is complex enough to keep me engaged, and I always appreciate YA books written without condescension; there’s nothing I like less than being spoken down to in a book!

Overall, I liked this story – it was descriptive, the characters were well-drawn and the premise worked well.

Happy reading,



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It’s been another of those weeks where you could count the hours I’ve spent on writing on one hand. I’m not even reaching my minimum personal writing target each week.

I already know this month is a bit haywire, as I am off to Menorca soon, but I need to do something to change things before I go – I cannot wait for the end of my holiday to reboot my writing life. So, I have a cunning plan…

For the month of May, with the exclusion of my holiday period, I am going to post every day. They will be short posts, but they will include a few lines I have written that day, or an image I am using as a prompt, or something of that nature.

Getting back into the daily habit is important so this will be good for me, plus it takes a little pressure off thinking about what I will be writing about. Hopefully, it will also be useful for you guys!

Bunny in hiding So here is today’s prompt; I call it ‘bunny in hiding’ for obvious reasons! I got a few other pictures of life in the country – bluebells in woods, sheep and lambs, a chaffinch – but I have gone for this because it was a young rabbit and it trusted me to get quite close to take its photo. Perhaps I’ll use the others for when I am on holiday so I can post even when I am away!






That’s it for today – tomorrow I will share a few lines which may or may not be related to the prompt, but will be new work.

Let’s see if I can get my daily mojo back!

Happy writing,



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Recently, I went to Lacock, and spent some time in the Cloisters at Lacock Abbey.  I have wanted to go there for ages – I love ruins anyway, as I have told you about 70,000 times (or thereabouts), and I wanted to see it because it is one of the places the Harry Potter films were, well, filmed!

Here is a shot through from one walkway through to another, and some of you may even recognise it from its role as part of Hogwarts 🙂

Point of View


I am not a Harry Potter obsessive, although I know I’ve talked about the books and films a few times here, but I like to visit places which have appeared on screen because it gives me a chance to view them as ‘live’ places.   We get so used to seeing buildings as historical artefacts that we forget that they were once homes, offices, workplaces.  We forget they were something more than a tourist attraction.

I guess I just like to have a different point of view from which to look at a place.  I also get over-excited when I see somewhere I know on screen – when Dover Castle appeared behind Chris Pine in Into the Woods I was particularly happy because not only have I been there on a few occasions but I’ve also blogged about it, and how it’s part of coming home.  Yes, in some strange way, Chris Pine was at my place 🙂

On a more serious note, I also think visiting these places reminds us how we’ve got where we are – how we’ve changed over time. When I see that places reflecting the history of humanity are being destroyed, it feels as though we’re losing sight of all those people who came before us.

Maybe putting them on screen is another way to keep them intact for the future.

Happy visiting!



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Tonight is the night of the Blood Moon, and despite Nasa saying there’s nothing to worry about, it has caused some consternation…

Which takes me to this rather fabulous image:

The Moon

Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Garvin (NASA/GSFC)

This picture is from Hubblesite and is the landing site of Apollo 17, back in 1972.

It also looks, quite literally, like a man in the moon.  He has a severe forehead, with a distinctive browbone.  There is an open eye looking at me from a sunken, shadowy socket.  A nose, broken, with a high bridge.  A mouth frozen at the point of saying something.

I don’t believe in apocalyptic prophecies, as such: I don’t deny the possibility that one may one day be proved true, but I don’t change my life to account for them and I don’t stock up on canned goods and bottles of water just in case.

But sometimes, I look up and I see a face in the moon. And I understand how so many cultures could have seen that, and believed there was someone up there.

So I appreciate why people see portents in the strange and unusual.  Personally  I see these things as quirks of nature that we interpret in our own strange and unusual ways, but people historically invested these quirks with a great deal more meaning, simply so they could be understood.

And that suggests not only that humans have striven to understand the world for a very, very long time – but also that we’ve been a creative and imaginative species for all that time too.

So rather than worry about what the Blood Moon will bring, I’m going to enjoy the fact that tonight the man in the moon will be looking out on a whole load of upturned faces.  Who knows what stories he will imagine of us…

Happy writing,





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It’s taking me a while to get back into my normal routine. I have not done any writing since Wednesday (on my way home), and I haven’t even done any reading since Thursday.

This weekend was busy, with a friend’s art show and another friend’s public reading, a family gathering, a visit to my aged nan and a bit of shopping so I haven’t  caught up with myself over these two days, which I would normally try to do.

But I will not worry for today.  I’ll get back to it all next week, and see how far my motorway writing took me…

Due to the lack of anything writerly, I’m going to share a few moments from Germany with you. These are just some of the many pics we took.

Number 1: Free ice cream with coffee 🙂

Free Ice cream








Number 2: Wobbly buildings.  The look a little bit tipsy, like they’re holding each other up!

Wobbly buildings

Number 3: A beautiful town hall with a market square (and a market, where I bought sweets, as you do…  You can just see the awnings of the stalls.  The vast majority sold foods including lots of fruit and veg, honey, sauces and spices, cheeses, breads and cooked foods like the famous German sausages).

Town Hall Market Square

I’ve never been so far north in Germany, and my husband has never been before, so it was great to get a chance to explore.  We were treated to some lovely home-cooked traditional German foods which I will try to recreate someday, and our forays into eateries made me realise how very expensive it is to buy food in the UK!!

I will leave it there for tonight, as it’s nearing midnight and I am close to that point where I type random words in the vague hope they make a sentence…  I’ll be back on Tuesday with at least one book to talk about, and hopefully the second is nearing completion, so I’ll see you then!

Happy writing,








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That felt like a very short week away, but involved enough food for about a month!

I am still catching up with washing, housework, sleep etc so I tonight I’m just going to share a picture from my travels.

Late one afternoon we went for a walk into a nature park area, and just out of sight of the parking area, beyond some trees, was a little hotel.

In The Woods

There was a wedding party at the hotel, the tables all lit with candles shining through the windows, and it felt magical.

When I think of the stereotypical German village it’s very much from fairytales – a leftover from a childhood reading The Brothers Grimm, no doubt – and this scene seemed to fit perfectly.  There was such a romantic feeling to the place, and a sense of timelessness that is almost impossible to define.  It felt like I had fallen into a storybook, for just a few moments.

And doesn’t that seem fitting for a couple celebrating their own love story?

Until next time – happy writing,





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You know how last week I said I’d be ok with the whodunnit timeframe if I got the three interviews done this week? Well…

I am behind, of course. I’d normally try to catch up over the weekend but I’ve barely had any time to myself this one. It’s been good – things ticked off in the house; time with my parents and my husband’s parents; a few hours helping out at my friend’s charity event and so on. Still, I am behind and getting a little irritated with myself for not planning my time better.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday here so I will spend most of it writing. I can already say with near-certainty there will be no book this week, and I will have to finish the first draft of the whodunnit before I can get on with the reading and catch up with that!

I did manage to get some proofreading done for my friend but it was a bit of a thankless task – I was too slow for her and she’s decided not to have a proofread!  Still, I can cross it off in good conscience and say no if she asks again.

So now it’s a case of using the next 10 days to their absolute best and getting this story concluded.  I don’t much fancy spending my time in Germany writing it, and assuming it’s complete, I will load up the kindle (and my bag) with books to get me back on track.  I’ll be spending a lot of time in a car so I might as well make the most of it!

I just want to stop feeling like I’m controlled by one of these:

Time Lord

I’m going to leave it for tonight – there’s another weather warning in place and I can hear the thunder rolling already so no doubt we’ll lose power soon!

Until next time – happy writing!



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It’s been a long week and I’m not feeling it. The weather is rubbish, the roads are awash with bits of field that have washed down in the torrents, and it’s cold.

British Summer Time at its finest!

I can’t even summon up the energy to write the post I’d planned for you. I will share the picture I was going to use though: I took it last weekend and it’s a reminder that, every so often, we are blessed with a beautiful summer’s day.

Tractor Summer

Sometimes – happily – the British summer gets it right!

Happy writing,











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