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DSC_0299 I have said before that I like to take photos of things that inspire, interest and engage me.  I also enjoy having slightly off-beat reminders of special events.

This photo is of some glow-stick bangles I was wearing at my friend’s birthday party.  It’s going to be a reference point for a poem which I hope will be suitable for performance soon.

It brings such a lot of different ideas to the fore which fit neatly into my series.  I won’t go into the theme now but I feel the juxtaposition of two elements of my personality are perfectly encompassed in the image.

It was lovely to get out and really celebrate; I completely let my hair down and although I took a few photos I left my notebook in my bag.  I wanted to be completely present and that isn’t always easy when you are looking at the world with a view to recording it!  My one regret was that the beautiful cake didn’t get cut (told you I would mention cake :-)).  I did notice that!

Work is continuing on the poetry but this week I want to ramp it up a bit with a collective writing experience and a mindful writing session to follow it up.

For now, I am putting on my eyemask, turning off the noise and focussing on getting the first few lines of my new poem set out.

Happy writing,



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WordPress tells me this is my 500th blog post.  I feel like I should share something momentous and life-changing but what I really want to do is have a 500th post party.  It’s something to celebrate, after all – and, any excuse for a bit of fun, hey?!

It’s Party in a Post: just add drinks and nibbles!

Let’s start with the small-talk:

‘How’s the writing going?’

‘Not too bad, actually.  I managed to get a good section completed this week, and although I’m still behind where I want to be, I am bringing the timesheet in from Monday so I can make sure I get quality writing time planned.’

‘Great.  Shall we have a dance?’

‘Fabulous idea.’

Now we need the music:

Let’s make it one of my favourites, shall we?

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

And, just to finish it off, let’s have a toast:

MonthiversariesCheers everyone!  Thank you for joining me as I’ve blethered and chattered and gabbled through 500 posts.  I hope somewhere in amongst them there’s been something fun, useful or interesting for you – and if not, keep your eyes peeled, as they say, because there’s another 500 on their way!

Happy writing,




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