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I utterly failed to write a post on Tuesday, sorry.  I am enjoying my book but have been writing and seeking out writing inspiration more than reading in the last couple of weeks so the book is a little neglected.  It has been left behind, which is the first part of this week’s title!

So what is the right, I hear you ask (humour me here!)?

It’s writing.  Writing is going right.

This week, as a bit of an experiment, I wrote song lyrics.  I was pleased how well they turned out, because I wasn’t expecting much!

I helped one of my writing buddies when they were stuck and couldn’t get their idea to form the verses they wanted.

I got the ad for the open mike night sorted out.

I had a really great writing session today.

I can feel the positivity in me.  That is definitely something going right.

It’s made a difference to have a new writing zone, even if I sometimes run the risk of being sidetracked…

So yes, I am a little slow at reading at the moment, but it’s good to have positive writing outcomes. It’s not a bad compromise, really!

Happy writing,



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