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As this week has not gone according to plan, writing-wise, I have decided to studiously ignore my poetic failings and begin again next week.

Instead, I started work on the first revision of The Woods.  I kind of wish I’d ignored it a little longer – you know how I don’t enjoy the revision and editing stages of anything?  Well, this one is going to be painful.  I track my changes on-screen and there’s not a lot on the first (two) pages I’ve done that isn’t in bright red.  Additions, deletions, corrections – and this was the bit that wasn’t too badly written. I’m already picturing what the later pages will be like, those bits where I got stuck in side roads and cul de sacs…

I can’t think of a metaphor for it that doesn’t make me want to put the document away again, so all I’ll say is that it might take a while longer than I’d planned.

And much more chocolate.

However, despite my moans and grumbles, it’s good to start on it; having got very over-excited about the courses (I’ve signed up for 10 now) I’m conscious I still need to give most of my time to writing.  The courses are lovely but they won’t get me published!

I’m also ready to set some new targets, which I find very helpful in getting through work that has been hanging about for ages.  I hope next week everything will be back to normal so I can see where I am with all my projects, and make a practical plan from there.

In other news – well, it’s Oscars night tonight and being a bit of a glitter-loving girl, I will be looking to see what everyone is wearing.  It’s tradition ;-).

I enjoy hearing about adaptations from books: I like to see how things translate from one media to another, especially if it’s a story I love.  Some of these have been less than successful, but the ones nominated for Oscars have to be considered major successes.  It’s great to see books filmed well, so they reach a wider audience and hopefully encourage people to read the book itself.

I’m particularly impressed that this year there is a film adaptation of a musical adaptation of a book!

I’ll leave it there for today and go and spend some more time on the book, or the studying, or sorting out my poetry…  Oh, who am I kidding – I’ll leave it there for today, put the popcorn on and watch the stars on the red carpet!

Happy writing



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