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I felt the need for some rousing music today, to give me a bit of a pep-up because, frankly, my energy is waning this week.  As it has gone midnight as I write this, you may understand why my days feel super-long!

I also realised that yesterday was the anniversary of Beethoven’s birth (thank you Google doodle for that one…)

The two together gave me Ode to Joy, part of Beethoven’s Symphony no. 9, with words originally written by Friedrich Schiller – when this music kicks in, it makes me feel completely alive, totally absorbed and energised.  It also seems to reverberate in my chest making me feel both emotionally and physically.  It’s really quite wonderful.

I tried to find a high quality YouTube version and this, although short, is one of the best ones I found – have a dig around the internet because I’m sure there are some great versions which cover the whole symphony.  I love to have the words though; even though I don’t speak German well enough to understand the singing I feel that it’s a loss not to hear them.

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy listening,



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