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It’s a long weekend for Easter here in the UK, and I have the next 4 days off work which is a good thing, because I am very tired and not feeling particularly full of the joys of spring.

I have quite a lot planned over the weekend, including time with family, friends and my husband, the reintroduction of chocolate and biscuits into my diet after 40 days off! and some writing, of course.

I found a great website today, which has given me a few rather quirky ideas to play about with over the next few days; it’s www.todayifoundout.com and I’ve already lost a couple of hours there.

But I also have a special project.

Every year over this break, I write some poetry.  I find a few hours of a special kind of quiet which doesn’t really happen at any other time, and it gives me an awareness of the world around me.  It’s good to connect with each moment.  It’s a kind of mindfulness that I can hold on to for hours, which is not that easy for me as a general rule: my mind is always active, especially when I want  it to slow down!

Poetry is a way to process my feelings, emotions and experiences but what I write in these quiet moments is often more raw.  I find myself accessing a more spiritual part of myself.

I know not all of you will have a particular religious leaning but hopefully you’ll understand that sense of existence within, and as part of, something more – the feeling of being a conduit for the words which come without strain or pressure.

That’s not to say they come perfectly, but they come naturally.  I never feel the need to seek out the right word to convey the emotion I want, because it’s already there, and writing it down allows me to feel that emotion.

It’s wonderful, and special, and I regret so many years not writing poetry, and not having these magical moments.

So I am going to rest up now, and be ready for them – I don’t want to miss any more.

Happy writing,



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This week I have tried to get back into the habit of writing. I’m not doing too badly – a bit of my own note-taking, a bit of advice to a writer friend about next steps in their own work (it involved a Venn diagram, I felt very scientific!) and when the writing muse went for her quiet time, I got on with some reading which has been a little bit of study in its own right.

Hopefully that last bit will make sense on Tuesday…

However, I still didn’t give my writing the time I wanted. Odd working arrangements, a family birthday and pantomime trip, Christmas drinks with one friend, a Christmas meal with another, shopping, wrapping and delivering presents, panto rehearsals…  I have let life be an excuse for a lack of writing in the last few months and now I am carrying that on.

I want to write, I feel the lack of writing, and yet I am putting barriers up in the way of myself once more. I know why, and I know I have to get over it.

That is my task, my responsibility for the next few months: to really get back into things and start producing work I am prepared to follow through to the end of the story, however the story goes.

I would say wish me luck, but it’s not luck I need. It’s a kick in the metaphorical posterior. Can you give me that instead?

Happy writing,

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My wedding is rushing up, so I’m sure you’ll forgive me when I say this will be another short post barely commenting on the wider world of writing!

Time is really flying by now; I can’t even begin to imagine where the days have gone. My carefully crafted ‘to-do’ lists are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, as the saying goes. Less tasty as well 😉

Nevertheless everything is coming together, the important things are done and the table poetry is in the last stages of being crafted so it looks like I’ll have it done in time.

I also managed to grab a night off and headed to a friend’s gig, which was lovely – atmospheric and engaging. I felt the same sense of inspiration and desire to write settle on me as I always have when confronted by music that touches me emotionally.

I experienced the same sense of wonder and connection to my muse, or whatever it is that guides my writing hand, when choosing music.  I am working really hard to get that same feeling into what I share on the day.

I don’t think words will ever do it justice, but if I can at least give an echo of what I want, I’ll be satisfied.

In other news – Book 57 of the 100 novels list is Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.  I haven’t read it but whenever I hear ‘something in the woodshed’ it reminds me of The Divine Comedy, and this offering from the mid-1990’s (not quite as retro as my usual retro, I actually remember this one being played on the radio!)

The Divine Comedy – Something for the Weekend

And finally – I really do have a lot of books I want to read or re-read next year so I’ll be carrying on with the reading challenge through 2015.  It’s been really successful in getting me back into books and engaging with them as works to learn from rather than treating them as wallpaper for my mind.  I definitely want to do a course in literary criticism in the new year if for no other reason than to allow me to learn more from other writers.

I’ll add it all to my to do list…

Until next time – happy writing,



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