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It’s a long weekend for Easter here in the UK, and I have the next 4 days off work which is a good thing, because I am very tired and not feeling particularly full of the joys of spring.

I have quite a lot planned over the weekend, including time with family, friends and my husband, the reintroduction of chocolate and biscuits into my diet after 40 days off! and some writing, of course.

I found a great website today, which has given me a few rather quirky ideas to play about with over the next few days; it’s www.todayifoundout.com and I’ve already lost a couple of hours there.

But I also have a special project.

Every year over this break, I write some poetry.  I find a few hours of a special kind of quiet which doesn’t really happen at any other time, and it gives me an awareness of the world around me.  It’s good to connect with each moment.  It’s a kind of mindfulness that I can hold on to for hours, which is not that easy for me as a general rule: my mind is always active, especially when I want  it to slow down!

Poetry is a way to process my feelings, emotions and experiences but what I write in these quiet moments is often more raw.  I find myself accessing a more spiritual part of myself.

I know not all of you will have a particular religious leaning but hopefully you’ll understand that sense of existence within, and as part of, something more – the feeling of being a conduit for the words which come without strain or pressure.

That’s not to say they come perfectly, but they come naturally.  I never feel the need to seek out the right word to convey the emotion I want, because it’s already there, and writing it down allows me to feel that emotion.

It’s wonderful, and special, and I regret so many years not writing poetry, and not having these magical moments.

So I am going to rest up now, and be ready for them – I don’t want to miss any more.

Happy writing,



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I am late, like the White Rabbit. This post should have been written in January but what with one thing and another, I completely missed the challenge for the month!

We were challenged to post one thought we would focus on this year; a thought that furthers the ideas of peace (‘I will eat more chocolate’ doesn’t really work!) and sends peace out into the universe.

This was actually harder than it sounds. Partly, because I have practical mantras about all sorts of things and adding more to my mental log seemed too much. Partly because if I got it wrong I’d sound like someone at Woodstock, and not myself at all.  I am not someone who speaks in the language of peace and meditation on a daily basis and although those things are important to me, I do sometimes struggle to put it all together and sound authentic.

I went back to my New Year post and smiled: I must be getting used to Kozo’s challenges now, because the answer was there in front of me – I was ready!

The mantra is a phrase I’ve been using a lot recently, it covers all sorts of things, and it’s about changing not only how I respond to others, but how I live my life.

‘Be mindful’.

So 2014 is the year of mindful thinking.  Peace isn’t just about putting down our sharp weapons, or our cutting words.  It’s also about creating a network of support, encouragement, help and consideration so people have the tools they need to find their own peace.  It’s about encouraging positive changes in the world.

Have a peaceful day,



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