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I can’t believe I’m at week 200. I know I didn’t start this blog exactly at the beginning of my career break, but close enough to make this 200th post seem like something of a milestone.

Since I began blogging, my life has changed in so many ways I can’t even begin to count them. From a writing point of view I completed a novel, have a portfolio of poetry, am working on a number of pieces of prose which are in various stages of formation. I’ve ended my career break and gone back to work, balancing writing with other responsibilities. I set up a writing group which is going from strength to strength.  I’ve performed my poetry to an audience on a number of occasions, and had my poetry shared as part of a performance piece.

In my wider life, I got married – which was a biggie! I got over my fear of flying, and started exploring a little wider than before. I studied random and fascinating courses, took up new hobbies, got involved in my wider community life.

In other words, I feel I’ve got a great deal out of the last 200 weeks, and I shouldn’t forget how far I’ve come.

I still have miles to go in all aspects of life.  But for me this is a great thing, because it means I get to carry on pushing the boundaries!

This year I want to have completed the whodunnit, and the story that sent me off to test the methods of twisting a tale. I want to get more poetry written, and perform it. I want to learn more.

I also want to explore new locations, and try new things. Already I have a break in Germany booked for September, but we want to go somewhere new and interesting for our anniversary in November too. We’ve got our retreat in Wales soon, and I want to give myself one day off to go exploring some of the King Arthur myths that still weave their magic around the world.  I want to progress in aerial skills, learn how to juggle, maybe take up a new dance or physical activity.  I want my next 200 weeks to be as rich, varied and unexpected as the last 200.

Most importantly, I want to celebrate my successes and learn from those things which haven’t gone to plan, in all aspects of my world.

I know life can be tough, and painful, and things happen that people cannot control – I have felt all those things.  But I hope my experiences in the last 200 weeks show how taking a chance can change your life in positive and unexpected ways.

And once you’ve taken a chance, it’s so much easier to take another.

Perhaps more importantly – once you’ve faced the first fear, you know you have the strength to face the next.

Happy writing, and thank you for being part of my journey so far; I wouldn’t have kept going without you.



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