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This month’s challenge is inspired by Martin Luther King Jnr, and the challenge is to share our dream of peace.

When I started planning this post I was thinking about Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’  – the principle of this model being that humans need certain things for physical and psychological well-being.

But I don’t really dream in pyramids – and a dream is rarely as structured as a psychological model…

Instead I read the ‘I have a dream’ speech.  Growing up in the UK, my knowledge of the speech really focussed on that most famous section.  But as I read it, I had the strongest reaction to a phrase that appeared much earlier: ‘the fierce urgency of now’.

A dream is about a hoped-for future.  For that, I dream of a world where everyone is equal, everyone is well, everyone is safe, has food, has shelter. Where everyone is free.

But the fierce urgency of now means not sitting and waiting for the future we want, but working towards it.  Finding an internal peace is one part of that, and taking action to spread the word of peace is another.

There are hundreds of ways to do this, and mine are rather small, in the grand scheme of things.  I take part in B4Peace and hope to make people think about peace, even if just for a few minutes.  I’ve written and shared poetry about peace.  I get involved in community activities.

It’s hardly a speck on the radar of world peace, but you never know who you can encourage, inspire and engage.  Maybe someone has read my posts, and joined B4Peace; maybe they read a poem and felt calm, for a moment.  Maybe they joined in with something unexpectedly, and it gave them a sense of purpose and wellbeing.  I hope all these things have happened, and who can say what will grow from the seeds of peace we’re sharing?

So I don’t just want to look forward.  A dream of peace is a wonderful thing, but we shouldn’t lose the importance of now.

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