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I am really enjoying trying out a new genre of writing, and working out my list of possible killers.  I have my victim nicely set up, and the location and group of people involved all in hand – now it’s just putting some character profiles together and moving on to the more in-depth storyline.  There are plenty of motives and plenty of possible killers.  I know who it is and it most definitely isn’t the butler 🙂

There’s something really energising about doing something I know isn’t my strength – it’s as though I have taken the power back into my writing.  That is such a great feeling after floundering since the wedding.  I will say, thought, that I have learnt a lot from planning a big day and some of the little details I picked up in the process will definitely make it into stories in the future.

For now, I’ll say I am progressing, and that’s something I haven’t really been able to say for quite a while.  Roll on the next step in my crime thriller!

Other than the writing, I have been in rehearsals for my panto, joined a ballroom classing group and started a new course (introductory paleobiology…) – I was so busy with wedding planning last year that a lot of other things went by the wayside and this year I want to do more.  This does mean I need to keep control of my writing time and targets so here and now I will set a target of no less than 1 hour on writing each day.

It’s not a huge amount but keeps me in the regular writing habit, and that’s a big plus!

I am going to leave it there for tonight, but I will be back on Tuesday with the reading challenge, and hope to get back into peace posts this week too, so I’ll see you then!

Happy writing,



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I managed to finish one last book this year, and it’s a bit different from my normal choices.

Book 55 – Call The Midwife, by Jennifer Worth. This is a memoir, a collection of various stories from Worth’s life as a midwife in London’s East End, in the 1950’s. The stories told are sometimes funny, sometime sad, occasionally horrifying – this book doesn’t depict a cosy, rosy past.  There is a section about prostitution which I noticed in the Goodreads comments had caused people to stop reading the book.

It shows women trapped by circumstances and abuse; women loved and adored; women who gave up their whole lives to the service of God and others.

I found this an intriguing book. Obviously you can feel and hear Worth’s own experiences and emotions within the book but the writing has an almost detached feeling, as though she is reflecting the cool professional approach required of her. The descriptions of even the most horrifying situations are matter-of-fact, not dramatic. There were a couple of notable exceptions but this was the general style of the book.

That’s not to say it was heartless, or unfeeling. Rather, there was a sense that every woman she met was entitled to respect, understanding and appropriate care, regardless of how they presented. Whenever Worth veered off this path she quickly showed that it was a mistake on her part to do so; that she hadn’t been fair to judge the women so harshly.

I don’t often veer into non-fiction but when I do I like to read stories of the ‘normal’ person – how life was lived by every(wo)man not just the rich and powerful. This book provided many examples of real people – in all their messy, selfish, loving, pungent, generous glory.

I would recommend it with a note of caution regarding some of the abuse depicted, and the descriptions of prostitution.

As an aside, I know this book has been turned into a TV series, which I haven’t watched. However it is a dramatic read and I imagine it would make dramatic viewing.

Happy reading and a happy new year to you all!



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This week I have tried to get back into the habit of writing. I’m not doing too badly – a bit of my own note-taking, a bit of advice to a writer friend about next steps in their own work (it involved a Venn diagram, I felt very scientific!) and when the writing muse went for her quiet time, I got on with some reading which has been a little bit of study in its own right.

Hopefully that last bit will make sense on Tuesday…

However, I still didn’t give my writing the time I wanted. Odd working arrangements, a family birthday and pantomime trip, Christmas drinks with one friend, a Christmas meal with another, shopping, wrapping and delivering presents, panto rehearsals…  I have let life be an excuse for a lack of writing in the last few months and now I am carrying that on.

I want to write, I feel the lack of writing, and yet I am putting barriers up in the way of myself once more. I know why, and I know I have to get over it.

That is my task, my responsibility for the next few months: to really get back into things and start producing work I am prepared to follow through to the end of the story, however the story goes.

I would say wish me luck, but it’s not luck I need. It’s a kick in the metaphorical posterior. Can you give me that instead?

Happy writing,

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This weekend I have been at my university reunion, so I have really done very little in the way of writing, but an awful lot in the way of reminiscing.  I have also been confronted with the way time has passed, and how many years have disappeared behind me since my student days!

Time flies


This picture was taken during a particular trip down memory lane.  It’s about as I remember things 🙂

Thinking back about all the funny, stupid, childish and fabulous days has really reminded me about the joy of shared experiences and the way that life informs comedy. I said a long time ago that I’d like to write something funny, and this weekend has given me a push to write down a few ideas in a dedicated notebook so I can come back to it when life is less frenetic and overwhelming.

The other thing that I was forcefully reminded of was how long it’s been since I did any proper studying – it was a gap in my life when I was working and sadly I’ve put it to one side again as a result of everything I’ve got on, but I know that the studies inform and affect my writing so I want to get back to them as soon as I can too.

At this rate, December will be frenetic trying to make up for every missed opportunity to write or study sine July!!

In other news – this week’s book is 51: The  Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald.  I already shared my views on this one and I haven’t changed my mind over time.  The story hasn’t really stayed with me except in the sense of frustration, so I will simply say it’s not to my taste and leave it there.  It’s quite fun to know I read a book from the list as part of my challenge, before the book appeared though; it makes me feel that my choices were less random than I thought!

And finally – I saw this article about using a reverse book club to help write a book.  To my mind, that makes the others contributors but that’s my sense of justice for you!  I like the idea of chatting about things and talking through the trickier areas but I don’t see writing as a risk-minimising venture – it’s the risk you have to take with it that tests your willingness to keep on at it, I think.  I would be interested to know if others feel the same…

I am off to recover from my weekend now, so until next time,

Happy writing,



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