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It’s the end of a really long week, where I have been variously dancing, acting, working, and ill.  I have written, a little; I studied, a little; I spent time reading newspapers and researching.

I have caught up on some life things that need to be done.

But today I have very little to actually say.  Maybe I’m still a little under the weather or just tired out from a busy week but my mind is pretty empty.  Not my normal blathering-on-about-nothing empty, but actually unable-to-form-coherent-sentences empty.

So I am sharing a bit of classic 1980’s music to keep you entertained instead.  If you like, you can think of it as a stand-in for my very delayed peace post, or as a mini holiday from the vagaries of a writing life.

Either way, push up the volume and sing along if you fancy it!

John Farnham – ‘You’re The Voice’

Happy writing/listening,





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