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This week I kept it light and stayed in Botswana.

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies


Book 12 – In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, by Alexander McCall Smith. This book is a little more serious than the last.  In this book, Mma Ramotswe has an accident which changes a future for the better, and is confronted with the pain of her past.  Meanwhile, a teapot leads to a showdown and Mma Makutsi makes a small change in her life, which invites a big question…

This book draws earlier storylines into focus; for example Mma Ramotswe’s ill-fated marriage is revisited, we find out about some of the characters Mma Makutsi was at college with, and we learn a little of life outside the garage for Charlie, the eldest of the apprentices.

The reason this one seems more serious than the previous book is because bigger themes are explored – abuse, miscarriages of justice, betrayal and acceptance.  We see once more Mma  Ramotswe’s open-hearted and forgiving nature, but we also see how she too has been cowed in the past, and how she has never been free of the feelings that her abusive marriage raised.

Overall, this was less comfortable to read, but in seeing Mma Ramotswe get her power back it was very fulfilling. Closing the chapter of her marriage felt as though Mma Ramotswe was finally free – and for Mma Makutsi to find her own freedom in the same book was a satisfying conclusion.

I think it’s time to leave Botswana for a while now, though, and head on somewhere else – it feel like the characters are all in a good place, and I’m happy to keep them there.Dog and book (2)

Here is my dog with the book; he’s claimed it now!

I’m looking forward to discovering a new author, and the world they create.  Who knows where I’ll land next!

Happy reading,



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