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It’s taking me a while to get back into my normal routine. I have not done any writing since Wednesday (on my way home), and I haven’t even done any reading since Thursday.

This weekend was busy, with a friend’s art show and another friend’s public reading, a family gathering, a visit to my aged nan and a bit of shopping so I haven’t  caught up with myself over these two days, which I would normally try to do.

But I will not worry for today.  I’ll get back to it all next week, and see how far my motorway writing took me…

Due to the lack of anything writerly, I’m going to share a few moments from Germany with you. These are just some of the many pics we took.

Number 1: Free ice cream with coffee 🙂

Free Ice cream








Number 2: Wobbly buildings.  The look a little bit tipsy, like they’re holding each other up!

Wobbly buildings

Number 3: A beautiful town hall with a market square (and a market, where I bought sweets, as you do…  You can just see the awnings of the stalls.  The vast majority sold foods including lots of fruit and veg, honey, sauces and spices, cheeses, breads and cooked foods like the famous German sausages).

Town Hall Market Square

I’ve never been so far north in Germany, and my husband has never been before, so it was great to get a chance to explore.  We were treated to some lovely home-cooked traditional German foods which I will try to recreate someday, and our forays into eateries made me realise how very expensive it is to buy food in the UK!!

I will leave it there for tonight, as it’s nearing midnight and I am close to that point where I type random words in the vague hope they make a sentence…  I’ll be back on Tuesday with at least one book to talk about, and hopefully the second is nearing completion, so I’ll see you then!

Happy writing,









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That felt like a very short week away, but involved enough food for about a month!

I am still catching up with washing, housework, sleep etc so I tonight I’m just going to share a picture from my travels.

Late one afternoon we went for a walk into a nature park area, and just out of sight of the parking area, beyond some trees, was a little hotel.

In The Woods

There was a wedding party at the hotel, the tables all lit with candles shining through the windows, and it felt magical.

When I think of the stereotypical German village it’s very much from fairytales – a leftover from a childhood reading The Brothers Grimm, no doubt – and this scene seemed to fit perfectly.  There was such a romantic feeling to the place, and a sense of timelessness that is almost impossible to define.  It felt like I had fallen into a storybook, for just a few moments.

And doesn’t that seem fitting for a couple celebrating their own love story?

Until next time – happy writing,





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This post is just a reminder that I’m not here for the next few days; I have no idea if I’ll have wifi anywhere but I won’t easily be able to upload posts even if I do so I’m going to give myself a full-on blogging break until I’m back in the UK, hopefully with pictures and stories of my German adventures.

So until then – auf wiedersehen,

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This week, I got a lot of words written, and a big step closer to the end of the whodunnit, but I still won’t finish it before I meander off on my trip to Germany as I’d hoped.

I have, however, got a plan.  When I am away, I will be spending a lot of time travelling, and I had intended to use this time to read and catch up on the 52 book challenge.  However, if I split the time 50:50 between reading and writing, I should still be able to get plenty of reading done, and keep up my writing momentum.  Win-win, I hope…

I do feel a little bit more positive about my writing this week for other reasons, though.  A chance discussion with a friend at work led to a discovery that his father is a poet, who has published his own anthology after many years of his work appearing on the radio.  Not only did I get a copy o said anthology as a gift, which was lovely, but I also passed him a couple of my favourite poems for some feedback.   I feel ludicrously brave!  I also shared them with another work colleague who said very  kind things indeed.  I think she was surprised how much she liked them.

I want to get back to my poetry sooner rather than later.  I have so many thoughts and feelings about the world right now that the best thing I can do is write it out – that’s one of the ways I process things I am unable to verbalise.  I’ll definitely be taking a notebook to carry about when I am away.  I might even try to work in some German words, which are often perfectly precise although rather hard-sounding.

I read an article today which discussed the formation of German words but due to the nature of the article I have decided not to link to it; still, it’s given me something else to think about over the next week.

I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of thinking when I am away.

In other news – following on from the 100 novels list is the start of an alternative list for me to look through, although I also have a number of borrowed books to read plus this week’s lazy one to finish off first.

And finally – due to the travels this week I won’t be doing my normal update-type blogs but hopefully will at least have a chance to get something written before I go.  No promises though – I haven’t even started sorting myself out yet!

Happy writing,








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It’s the last week before I go on retreat, so naturally it has been busier than I intended. I worked extra hours to get (nearly) everything done in the office, have been out more than I’ve been in, celebrated a very special 16th birthday, had a champagne cream tea for my own birthday (it was May but who’s worried about that?!) and been to my first aerial hoop class.  In fact, it’s been exhausting.

But – drum roll please – I had a writing success.  Hurrah!!

I got the whodunnit plan finished this morning, and I am really pleased with it. I’ve worked out how to twist the next phase to make things seem to fit together when they don’t, and how to deflect attention from the killer. I’ve defined how to push another character into the spotlight and make them realistically a suspect, using the set-up I’ve already put in place and adding a surprise element to that.

I’ve even worked out what finally gives the game away and how to close the last scene.

I’m really happy to get it all on paper. This story needs to be completed, it’s a personal test of my determination to write at this point – the reasons I started it are almost irrelevant now, although I think I’ve learnt a lot to take back to the previous novel. This has become a test of whether I am a prose writer or not: it’s no good having just one good idea in me if I want to do this for my whole life, after all!

So next week, I will focus entirely on getting the story down on paper, so to speak – my intention is to complete it before I come home from retreat. Once that’s done, I can print it off and start filling the gaps, cutting the unnecessary bits, and get it ready for a formal proofread. Phew – sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

As I am on retreat, I will be keeping my connection to the outside world as small as I can make it when doing all the things I want to do.  That means I may not post on Tuesday, and probably won’t on Thursday unless it’s something like a picture of where I am! Hopefully, Sunday’s post will be filled with fabulous success stories though 🙂

I am going to leave it there for today and get my packing finished so we can head off early tomorrow.  I hope you all have a great writing week and I’ll catch up with you soon!



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Sorry this is another late post – with the combination of a birthday shindig and a bank holiday weekend, I completely forgot yesterday was Sunday!

So I’m back from my holiday, on the beautiful island of Porto Santo. I had a lovely relaxing time, but one also filled with lots of activities.

I recognise in myself a desire to be braver, do things that I would never have tried a few years ago. That starts with flying (which I wouldn’t do for a long time) but branches out into all sorts of things.

So coming home from a holiday where I tried things I’d never have tried at home, I don’t want to lose that impetus, and have been investigating a few new opportunities… More on that very soon!

Of course, this all has to run beautifully alongside my writing life. I kept a writing journal during my break, and have been adding bits to it as I think about them since I came back. It covers all sorts – conversations, people I met, silly moments, observations, as well as being a little bit of a diary to remind me what happened each day. I want to finish working on that in the next day or two, before all my memories fade!

After that I’ll be back to the whodunnit, back to my 3000 word a week target and hopefully by my next post I can give a date for completion.

Once that’s done and I check out how the twists have worked I can go back to the novel, ideally in time for my retreat in July…

I really feel that I want to get on and do things now, so I’m going to leave this post here and, well, get on and do some stuff! I’ll look at the 100 books list next time but for now I’m going to enjoy my added bonus day off work!

Happy writing,

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I am still away, and have therefore been very lazy about this post, sorry…

My intention was to find some happy summery music but I know that means different things to different people so in the end I have gone with something that makes me want to whack up the volume and have a dance around my kitchen!!

Chelsea Dagger, by The Fratellis

Back soon, and happy writing,



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