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Today’s post is shorter than normal as I hosted a dinner party tonight so I’m running late!

This week was quite bitty and unstructured, but I got a fair bit done.

I contacted the agency I haven’t yet heard from; they confirmed that all submissions get a response but it might take up to 10 weeks.  I’m glad I checked, but I’m also glad I submitted to other agencies.  If I wait 10 weeks every time, it could be 2016 before I get through my list!  I’ll keep an eye out for responses, of course, but will do new submissions every few weeks in the meantime.

It was also my second writing group this week.  The work from our writing to music exercise had gone really well, and everyone had done something original and different, despite all starting with the same piece of music.  We’re on to flash fiction for next time, and heading off to an open mike event in a few days. My piece ended up being nearly 1000 words, and I think will become a short story in time.  We’ll be presenting out progress on them in December (over Christmas drinks!) so I’ve got until then to decide.

I’ve been developing some new skills this week too – I’ve gone a bit vintage and am learning how to knit and crochet!  The crochet is for an event I am supporting in October, and the knitting is something my mum decided to teach me…  They are great for writing breaks; I can completely clear my mind of the story because I have to concentrate so much on what I’m doing.  They are also a timely reminder of the importance of weaving things together!  See – writing is everywhere if you look 🙂

Meanwhile the work continues; I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned this week so have to catch up over the next couple of days but progress is reasonably steady.  I’ve concentrated on book 2 this week for a number of personal reasons, and expect that’ll be the case for the next few weeks.

Due to my lack of time and general organisation, I’ve got no ‘in other news’ for today so I’ll find extra for next time!

There you go – a week in less than 400 words; not bad for me!

Happy writing,



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