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Last week I went to a private viewing at a small gallery.  My friend, the artist, also read some of his poetry during the event.

It’s always interesting to hear work by others but I do come away a little embarrassed that in the time I have known him he’s published 3 books, and I have not!

That’s why this post is titled ‘just write’: it’s a reminder. There’s no point worrying what other people are doing, you have to focus on your own work. You just have to get the words down.

I am working on something now, and I will give all my writing attention to that.  It’s far more constructive!

Give yourselves the time and space to write, it’s the best gift possible.

Happy writing,



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Unsurprisingly, I didn’t quite manage a book this week, so instead I thought I’d share a lovely quote Garrison Keillor I found:

A book is a gift you can open again and again.

I love presents, and I love books so I can happily agree this one 🙂 I do feel that I’m receiving a gift the first time I open a crisp new book, or when I first see the cover page of a new purchase.

When I was younger, I used to drive out to a big shopping centre every so often to meet a friend; I’d always arrive about half an hour earlier than her, go into a bookshop and buy something that grabbed my attention, then get a coffee and read.  That was 30 minutes of bliss, and I miss having the time to do it.

Maybe I should take that up again – now that really would be a gift to myself!

Happy reading,




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