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It’s taking me a while to get back into my normal routine. I have not done any writing since Wednesday (on my way home), and I haven’t even done any reading since Thursday.

This weekend was busy, with a friend’s art show and another friend’s public reading, a family gathering, a visit to my aged nan and a bit of shopping so I haven’t  caught up with myself over these two days, which I would normally try to do.

But I will not worry for today.  I’ll get back to it all next week, and see how far my motorway writing took me…

Due to the lack of anything writerly, I’m going to share a few moments from Germany with you. These are just some of the many pics we took.

Number 1: Free ice cream with coffee 🙂

Free Ice cream








Number 2: Wobbly buildings.  The look a little bit tipsy, like they’re holding each other up!

Wobbly buildings

Number 3: A beautiful town hall with a market square (and a market, where I bought sweets, as you do…  You can just see the awnings of the stalls.  The vast majority sold foods including lots of fruit and veg, honey, sauces and spices, cheeses, breads and cooked foods like the famous German sausages).

Town Hall Market Square

I’ve never been so far north in Germany, and my husband has never been before, so it was great to get a chance to explore.  We were treated to some lovely home-cooked traditional German foods which I will try to recreate someday, and our forays into eateries made me realise how very expensive it is to buy food in the UK!!

I will leave it there for tonight, as it’s nearing midnight and I am close to that point where I type random words in the vague hope they make a sentence…  I’ll be back on Tuesday with at least one book to talk about, and hopefully the second is nearing completion, so I’ll see you then!

Happy writing,








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That felt like a very short week away, but involved enough food for about a month!

I am still catching up with washing, housework, sleep etc so I tonight I’m just going to share a picture from my travels.

Late one afternoon we went for a walk into a nature park area, and just out of sight of the parking area, beyond some trees, was a little hotel.

In The Woods

There was a wedding party at the hotel, the tables all lit with candles shining through the windows, and it felt magical.

When I think of the stereotypical German village it’s very much from fairytales – a leftover from a childhood reading The Brothers Grimm, no doubt – and this scene seemed to fit perfectly.  There was such a romantic feeling to the place, and a sense of timelessness that is almost impossible to define.  It felt like I had fallen into a storybook, for just a few moments.

And doesn’t that seem fitting for a couple celebrating their own love story?

Until next time – happy writing,





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