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I am late writing this today, because I just got back from my writing group Christmas dinner.

This is the third Christmas dinner I have been to within the last week – the other two involved celebrating the end of a year with work colleagues, and gossiping with my reading group buddies.

Apart from the inevitable overeating (although I did choose a salad option tonight :-)) I really enjoy these get togethers. They create special moments, give us a chance to bond over completely disparate things. My work one was particularly like that because I am still relatively new to my team and don’t know people all that well.

It’s heartening, for me, to build up these new relationships, and celebrate the existing ones. It reminds me how full my life is right now and how lucky I am to be in a position to enjoy myself in this way. The writer in me also appreciates the group dynamics, the way people interact, the changes that occur when you move someone from one element of life into another…

Most importantly, I love that we all took the time out to spend with each other. What a marvellous sense of warmth and community can build from something as simple as a meal.

Happy writing,

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