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Did anyone see Felix Baumgartner’s skydive?  I find it both terrifying to watch him literally fall to earth (even though I know there was a successful outcome) and awe-inspiring.  Life-affirming, perhaps.  One day, the information gathered from this skydive may save someone, which is brilliant in and of itself, but also this reminds me that the path may be long, but if you put all your effort in you can achieve something truly astonishing.

Not all feats are quite as amazing as this but on a personal basis have a huge impact.  So today I think we should all give ourselves a bit of a pat on the back for what we have achieved.  There’s always another target, or something we wish we’d managed, but didn’t: sometimes we focus too much on these and forget to enjoy our triumphs.

So – my mini-triumph today was (drum roll please)… editing short stories!

Yes, I did finally manage to get the pesky editing started.  I gave myself the time to regroup over the weekend, and I sat down to do it, and it’s (almost) done.   Only one more story and I’ll be able to send things off.

The break did me good, I think; and I’m really pleased with the outcomes so far.

Tomorrow I’ll aim to finish the short story editing and go back to my poetry pieces for a little while.

Ok, so it’s not a skydive from 24 miles above earth, but I’ll celebrate it anyway!

Happy writing,



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