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There’s a strange mood here, you can feel it in the air.

We’ve just had an election we didn’t need, called to give a mandate to a Prime Minister who thought she could stifle the opposition party – at a time when they seemed to be backing anyone but their own party leader.

The period of campaigning was extremely difficult, with devastating terrorist attacks in two of our major cities.

And after all the arguments, all the debates, all the interviews, we seem to be even more divided on what we want than we were before the election was called.

We are left with a minority government, propped up by a party who only represent constituents in Northern Ireland (which has its own implications for continuing the power sharing agreement there).  We are just about to start negotiating on our exit from the European Union, and the Prime Minister cannot even confirm the agreement reached with the DUP for them to provide support to her party.

There are rumblings about new elections, leadership challenges, votes of no confidence.  It’s a mess.

But… voter turnout increased.  There appears to have been a massive upturn in young people engaging with politics.  The government can no longer push through its own version of Brexit without overview.  People are talking about the election, what it means for us as a country. Austerity economics are being challenged. Shrill voices shouting ugliness are losing their power.

The outcome of this election was unthinkable when it was first called.

I don’t know what it means for the future of the country, but I know we need to build on engagement and enthusiasm, on political awareness. We need to remember that a positive campaign fought well took a party from wipeout to 40 percent of the vote share in a few weeks.

And that is the key thing to remember, actually: people wanted to engage, they just needed someone who they wanted to engage with.

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