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Not this dog, he doesn’t do much work at all.  And if he does do something, like tell me the phone’s ringing , or say hello to visitors, it tires him out so much he has to go back to sleep!

A Dogs Life


I am not working like a dog either, but going back into the office environment after the last few years has been exhausting and I am really too tired to make much sense today.

I realised today that the only way I’ll get any writing done in the next couple of weeks (as I acclimatise) is to fill up gaps with words – so I’ll leaf through ideas at lunchtime, I’ll cogitate as I cook, I’ll mull over the options as I munch my tea!

Finding space to write isn’t just about quiet and calm, but about making use of the time available.

So I’ll be working hard – not like a dog, but like a writer.  Blogs will get shorter but life will get fuller, and the novel will get thicker – and that’s a tradeoff I hope you’ll understand.

Happy writing,




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