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I don’t normally write about the deaths of famous people here, for a variety of reasons.

One of these is that I didn’t know those people personally and I feel their loved ones should be given space to grieve without a spotlight being shone on them. Not that this blog is much of a spotlight, but if there are a thousand, or ten thousand, all the tiny lights can become huge.

I appreciate other people feel differently, and perhaps it is a positive thing for a grieving person to see how much their loved one was admired and respected: it shows how many lives they touched.

We each find our own path through difficult situations based on our own experiences and our own responses to loss.  The most important aspect in any difficult time is showing respect to those affected.

In my experience, that means remembering the other goodbyes that may have been said, and the other losses felt by our families and friends; not every goodbye makes the front pages but they are keenly felt nevertheless.

So just for today, this blog is not about writing, or books, or even about me.  It’s about thinking of other people and sending out a virtual hug for times of need.

Anyone reading this will, I hope, be reminded they are not alone.







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