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I thought it was about time to do an inspirational picture post, and trawling through mine and my partner’s photo folders, I found this (thank you to my lovely partner for the permission to use it!):

light in the dark (2)

There are two reason I chose this picture.

The first one is atmosphere – the slightly blurred, muted image with its sepia undertones and wrought iron candlesticks is gothic, or medieval: I feel something looking at it.  Maybe the candles are at a seance, or they are lit due to a power cut in the middle of a storm, or they are on the altar of a church at a wedding.  There is a story behind it and knowing the reality (they were on the dining table at Halloween) doesn’t stop me seeing where else they could feature in a story.

The second is metaphor – what do these two spots of light in the darkness represent?  Is it a couple, stranded?  Or dreams floating in the darkness?  Is it the loneliness of the dark, or the power of hope?  The title I chose for this week has very specific connotations and yet is an accurate representation of the fact – how do we interpret the story that exists behind the light?

For me, the picture suggests great age, a past as yet uncovered, a secret.  I can see a world spinning out of the flickering candlelight – and I can recall stories I read as a child where light and darkness were locked in battle.

So this week, think about where the candles lead you, and what stories the light can reveal.  You’ll probably find more than you thought.

Happy writing,



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