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Look away now if you have entomophobia or apiphobia…

Last year when my partner and I were on retreat, we heard the most unnerving noise: it sounded a bit like all the bees in the world were gathering outside.

It wasn’t all the bees, of course; just one swarm who had decided to leave their hive, so a new one had to be constructed for them at a rapid rate!  My partner managed to get a picture before we threw ourselves inside and shut all the windows…



You know, Doctor Who was wrong – they aren’t really from Melissa Majoria.  This lot didn’t even try leaving Wales 🙂

I think of bees as a sign of the coming of spring; in the last few weeks I’ve seen many bumble bees and even had a solitary bee fly under my sunglasses and rest on the lens, right by my eye.  I wasn’t too keen on that and rehomed him on a daffodil but I’m sure there’s some meaning to it!

In fact, bees are a great dream portent for writers, and there’s all sorts of folklore about them.  Nothing about my experience though; maybe I should use my writing instincts to make my own lore.

Hmmm – ‘if a bee flies under your sunglasses, it is a sign that the day will be bright and the wind temperate.’

That would work – it was a lovely sunny day and only really windy on a hilltop.  I’m not sure I could test it though!

Bees numbers have declined in recent years, so it’s great to see them starting to reappear and to watch them go about their pollen-collecting business. And as the economic cost of that decline has been put at up to $5.7bn per year, it’s also a timely reminder of how much our existence is tied in with other life forms on the planet.

I’m happy to see the bees bumbling around making fruit and seeds in my garden – and I’m looking forward to returning to our retreat in a few weeks, and seeing if this lot are all settled into their new home!

Happy writing,





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