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Apparently, this is my 300th published post 🙂 Happy 300th post, me!

Yesterday my partner was off work so we decided to go out and make the most of the sunshine (yes, there has been sunshine!) and ambled off on a drive.  We ended up at a beach we like to visit; it’s not sandy but the horizon is open and there are ice creams 🙂

Well, when we arrived we saw this:

Building a Beach

It’s called ‘Beach Management’ and it involves moving shingle, where the tide has pushed it into a drift at one end of the beach area.  

I know coastlines are managed in many ways: here in the UK we have lots of properties built on or near the shoreline and parts of our shoreline (and some of these properties) are collapsing into the sea.  Without works like this, there would be more flooding and more houses at risk.

However, this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in such a definite way!

Obviously the beach was closed, but it didn’t look like our beach anyway.  It looked like someone was readying the ground for a housing estate – it wasn’t the same place at all.

That perception, the sense that things are not as you thought they were, is a theme in my new story so this felt very timely.  It’s a reminder that when we stop and look at things, and at how they work, it’s clear we see very little.  It’s like they say about ducks (or possibly swans!): we watch as they glide across water, but underneath their little legs are going for all they’re worth!

We didn’t stay for long and went off to enjoy the day somewhere else.  You could tell we were a bit out of kilter after seeing this though: we left without getting anything from the ice cream van!!

Happy writing,



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