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This week has been a mishmash of ideas, work, card-making, and that writer’s catch-all – ‘thinking’.  Yes, it’s not something I record on my time sheet or log in any meaningful way, but this week has involved a lot of time thinking about how to progress with pieces of work.

Following last week’s poor outcomes I decided to try something more tangible – and got back into editing the novel.  You may remember that at the end of the last edit I had a few questions about how to proceed.  Looking at these, they all seem to be about the same thing – does the story flow?  After some thought, I decided that no, it did not.

I am proud of the story I am telling, and I have started discussing it with others – family, friends and friends-of-friends – who have all at least engaged with the idea in principle.  However, talking about it with a non-critical audience in a pub, and writing about it (for anyone to see) over 85,000 words are two very different things –  and good feedback on ideas is not enough.  So I had to make some decisions in order to properly edit.

I had some good advice a while ago from a writer friend, who reminded me that I own this story, and I can shape it how I want.  It all seemed so clear in planning, but once I knew the characters and got up close and personal with their personalities, it was obvious that they were not building the story as effectively as planned.

All this thinking has led to some action!  So far I have started to work on three of the key components:

1. as discussed last week – one character is being refined to make her less predictable and remove elements that could read as clichés.  This will change elements of the story to some degree but this is easily managed as the elements are not plot-specific and are more to do with characterisation and interactions.  It will make another character’s journey more evident but that will be resolved through 3. below!

2. I will retain the four viewpoint characters but change their weighting – they will not have equal page-time which was the initial plan.

3. I will add additional chapters for the two most dramatically affected characters.  I will do this within the time frame ie having chapters that take place at the same time, but seen from two different point of view.   This will allow me to amend the elements affected by the changes in 1. above!  This is already much better, just at the planning stage, because gaps that were worrying me are closing up.  Flexibility here is a good thing!

So editing will go on for a while, with new scenes falling into place… I am hoping this particular revision will be finished by the end of August – this is longer than I’d wanted but I need more time because of the new scenes I’ll be writing.

I am still working on the poetry, short stories and ad hoc proofreading at the same time, to keep me inspired and mentally stimulated throughout.  I don’t want another 2 month slog like last time!

In other news – I’ve finally worked out how to put an image up for when I comment etc – as I’m sure I’ve said before I’m not very advanced, technologically speaking, and I am unaccountably excited by the photo that pops up!  Next step will be the header – I have been very inspired by the fab notebook and pen combo at The living notebook and am taking various photos that will hopefully lead to a much more writing-related header.  This post is too long for an inspiration image discussion this week, but feel free to use my new image for a freewrite if you would like to do so!

Also – back in May I said some stories may come out of the Olympic torch relay.  Well, I am working on this now, and hopefully will have a series of short pieces soon.  If anyone out there has an experience they’d like to share please feel free!  There are so many people who have lined the route, carried the torch, had Olympic parties that I’m really excited about this project and even for those who didn’t see it, I’d be interested in knowing why…

And – I’m trying to link to earlier posts now, so you can find references without having to trawl through 49 (and counting!) posts – thanks anxietyadventures for the idea!  Hope this works but let me know if not…

Finally for this week, a word on inspiration.  This week I was lucky enough to attend a ‘poetry in the garden’ event.  For once, it wasn’t raining (believe me, a sunny day is a major event in the UK this summer), and the whole atmosphere was lovely.  I spent time reflecting on how different some works are to my own, and how lucky I am to have access to these events.  In light of this, I am planning to write a short piece of poetry with the title ‘Sunny Sunday’.  Everything else is open to change but that’s the theme and hopefully by next week I’ll be able to share some thoughts with you…

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